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edit_dsrtp-drone-RH2_6954DSRTP are very fortunate to be finalists in the 2014 People’s Millions National Lottery Fund seeking to gain public support for the £50,000 required to purchase a Rescue Drone and train qualified pilots from within its team of local volunteers.

Voting is closed now!

Unfortunately, DSRTP were unsuccessful in their bid to receive the public vote for their ‘rescue Drone’.

Thanks goes to all the members of the public who gave the bid their support.

Our congratulations go to all the local groups who have benefited from this public support.

We will likely seek other grant sources to finance what we believe would be life-saving technology.

ITV Broadcast Promo


Essentially, the rescue Drone will enable us to save lives, more quickly and effectively.

The rescue drone operates like a sophisticated remote controlled helicopter. It has 4 rotors and is operated from a hand-held base station giving the operator who is also a trained drone pilot a live video feed from the drone itself. The whole system is quite small, fitting in a case small enough for 1 person to carry anywhere. Drones such as this are sometimes called a UAV (Unmanned or Unpiloted Aerial Vehicle) or UAS (Unmanned or Unpiloted Aerial System)

See more information and pictures from the Rescue Drone demonstration filmed by ITV in early November.

The drone would be purchased, and training would be provided by the team at Resource Group.

Dartmoor SARTP Plymouth mountain rescue drone / uavWHAT CAN THE DRONE DO?

It can fly at heights of up to several hundred feet and has a range of 1 mile, although the law states that the drone has to be in sight whilst being operated. Its dual camera system gives HD video during the day, and the combined FLIR camera gives night vision with its Quark Thermal camera.

More information on the actual drone can be found in the PDF brochure produced by the Danish manufacturer.


– Portable & Rugged
It is very portable and rugged, the complete system can be carried by one operator into virtually any outside environment and flown in winds up to 20mph.

– Live Video
The 2 cameras on-board enable hi-quality video to be shot during the day and infra red camera enabling night vision seeking warm objects – for example missing persons at night. both video feeds are beamed live to the operator on the ground.

– Swift missing person location
With the ability to carry into any area, and search in difficult conditions day or night, the system allows the team to effectively search a large area very quickly, potentially saving lives. Current searching is only possible either by foot with search teams, or by air via Police or Military helicopters.

Search Manager Jonathan Benzie states: “The use of a drone will significantly enhance our capabilities when searching for missing or vulnerable people. Having a night vision camera is a particular benefit as many of our searches are at night, and currently we are limited to what our search teams can see with torches, a night vision camera greatly increases our field of vision.

The drone also allows us to search dangerous areas like quarries, crag faces and river valleys that may be difficult or dangerous for foot teams to search. Furthermore, we often require the services of a Police Helicopter or a military Search and Rescue Helicopter to search areas, the drone can provide similar capabilities, and therefore we can reduce the cost to the taxpayer by using the drone instead.

I am convinced that by having the drone as part of our search capability, we can find missing people faster, and then ensure that we bring them back to safety as promptly as possible.


The People’s Millions is part of the Big Lottery Fund. DSRTP are competing with another local worthy cause during a public vote on prime time ITV West Country West on Monday November 24th. During this time a 90 second promo video filmed by ITV highlighting our cause will be shown and the public can then vote by telephone for the cause they see as most worthy. The good cause with most votes is announced the following evening with that cause receiving the full amount requested.

See our project page at the People’s Millions website.


To support the Rescue Drone project vote by phone. There are 2 options when you call, select option 2.

The numbers to call are: Landline: 09015228209 | Mobile 6228209 Selectoption 2 for the life-saving ‘Rescue Drone’ project.

Each call costs 15p from BT landline or mobile. Each phone can register up to 10 votes. So for an effective team donation of £1.50 per phone, please call 10 times from each phone.


This project is getting well deserved attention in local press, see links below:

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