Swift Water Rescue LIBOR finesSome great news regarding a recent grant the team received!

The team recently applied for, and received an incredible boost to team capability through a grant administered by the Charities Aid Foundation, but originating from major bank fines relating to the LIBOR rate rigging scandal.

In total the team received £21,401.67, given for, and earmarked to improve the kit available for the Swift Water Team.

More than half the team members are specially trained, and professionally qualified to perform swift water rescue, supporting the emergency services in search and rescue operations near swift water, or in flood emergencies locally, regionally or nationally. Recently for example, 10 members of the team attended the national flood emergency at York before Christmas and New year.

The kit includes: An inflatable rescue Boat, rescue Sled, trailer, paddles and bags, Scene Lighting, Hand pump, powered blower, stretcher, boat and sled tethering equipment, Industrial descenders, slings, karabiners, pulleys, floating rope, bags, harnesses and PPE for 20 personnel including floodsuits, undersuits, helmets, gloves, boots, headtorches, search torches, waterproof radios wading poles.

With the addition of this extra life-saving kit, the team will be better prepared for the next emergency, on a local river, a regional flood, or a national emergency in support of the emergency services.



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