Callouts in 2018

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11/12 18/03 07:00hrs Police call to discuss with our Search Manager plans regarding the severe weather. It was decided to have the team available at our R Centre with 4×4 capabilitiy. We were tasked to travel the A38 to Dean Prior to assess the situation as this area proved troublesome before. At the same time we called by DSRT Tav to assist them with a missing gent at Burrator. As the team arrived reports came in the gent had returned to his car safe and well so our team returned to the R Centre. We were stood down and returned to our homes only to be on a state of readiness throughout the night

10. 02/03 12:25hrs Continuation of severe weather team placed on Stand by for possible tasking to help Police and other Emergency Services. As it happened we weren’t required further.

09. 01/03 13:19hrs We were called by the Police for resources available for possible deployment due to the weather conditions. The team were put on Stand by and numbers and resources available passed to the Police. Then at 21:20hrs we were tasked to Sourton along with DSRT Oke and DSRT Tav too assist with stranded drivers on the A30. After many hours chaperoning drivers of the A30 and escorting them to safety at Okehampton Community College in challenging conditions we made our way back to Plymouth. I believe we were the only people travelling as we were all in 4×4 vehicles!!

08. 15/02 12:47hrs We were called by DSRT Tav again, this time to assist with a stretcher carry as they had been called by the Ambulance Service with a injured male on the moor near Postbridge. As the team were on route reports came that the Air Ambulace was in attendance so the the team were stood down

07. 15/02 05:45hrs We were called by DSRT Tav to assist with the search for a middle aged male. As our Search Manager was discussing options the team was just about to be called when reports came in regarding the safe return of the gent

06. 06/02 14:26hrs We were called by the Police who had concerns for the safety of a missing Ivybridge man. The team where placed on stand by whilst our Search Manager meet with Police. The team were called to make the best of the remaining light and as the team were traveling to the call out the gentleman returned safe and well

05. 03/02 16:22hrs We were called by our colleagues at DSRT Tav to assist them with a stretcher carry of a young girl who had suffered a leg injury. As the weather wasn’t that good with rain and poor visibility helicopter evacuation wasn’t an option. So it was left to members of DSRT Tav and DSRT Ply to stretcher her  off the moor

04. 27/01 19:45hrs We were called by the Police as a concerned member of the public reported flares over a moorland area. After lengthy conversation with the Police we decided to review the situation after the Police had made enquiries to the military as this was most probably the cause. The incident was closed after a hour as there where no reports of anybody missing

03. 06/01 07:00hrs The plan for a combined joint Call Out involving DSRT Ply, DSRT Ash, Police,  DSFRS was placed into action. With a massive turnout of more than 100 members of the public, we conducted searches of farmland, woodland and moorland from Ivybridge up to Hartford. Although there a potential sighting of the gent, nothing positive came of it. Searched up until 17:00hrs when we were stood down as the light was fading. We were later told on Monday he had made contact with a family member and was being cared for – a happy end considering how long he had been missing

02. 05/01 09:10hrs One of are members local to the area had a report from a farmer of a man wanting to camp in a remote woodland area north of Hartford. After discussing this with our Search Manager and the Police a small team of 3 DSRT Ply members went to the remote woodland. There was no evidence of anybody staying there so the plan for the next day was going to go ahead

01. 04/01 08:22hrs Our Search Manager was called by the Police with regard to a 35 yr old male who had been missing from his Ivybridge home. After a lengthy phone call it was deemed advantageous to have a meeting at Middlemoor Police HQ with all concerned. DSRT Ply, DSRT Ash, Police and DSFRS discussed options and came up with a search plan to be actioned for Saturday if the missing person hadn’t been found