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18/19 19 Aug 08:58hrs We were called by the Police regarding a middle aged male had not even seen since the day before. The team were placed on stand by as our Search Manager liaised with the Police on how best to move forward. It’s then decided to call the team as a search of Shaugh Bridge area was required. After searching many area’s and making the most of daylight available there was a report of this gent out of our area, this was confirmed by the Police so the team were stood down

17 28 Aug 20:18hrs We were called by the Police as they were concerned for 79yr male who was last walking away from his home in the morning. Whilst discussing matters and proposing a search plan the gent was spotted by a member of the public. This sighting was later confirmed so no further action by the team was required to the Police

16 18 Aug 19:19hrs We were call by DSRT Tavistock for our team to be on standby. DSRT Tavistock were called by the Police requiring assistance regarding an injured walker and rest of the group were lost. As it happened the Police helicopter found them and brought them of to safety. There was no further team involvement so we were stood down

15 12 Aug 06:50hrs We were called by DSRT Tavistock asking for help to continue a search they and DSRT Okehampton had been on during the night looking for 2 walkers who had reported to the Police they were lost. A search plan was devised after speaking with DSRT Ashburton who were joining us from a different location. Search teams from Plymouth were deployed from north of Princetown to go to various area’s within North Dartmoor. After a report from one of our teams, who had seen a farmer reporting the 2 men where taken of the moor earlier in the morning. After this report was confirmed by the Police, all teams were requested to return. This search involved all 4 Dartmmor Teams working together with other agencies Including the MCA Search and Rescue helicopter 


14 22 July 16:31hrs  We were called to assist the Ambulance Service with a casualty reported to be on the moors. On further conversation with the Ambulance Service the casualtys location was found to be near H Willhays so this was passed to DSRT Okehampton. No further team involvement 

13 27 June 07:30hrs We were called by the Police as they had growing concerns for a middle aged Male who had jumped out his house and disappeared into woodland. Our search manager discussed a search plan with the Police, our search dogs were going to be used primarily. As this plan was being implemented the missing gent returned to his home safe and well from his ordeal. No further team involvement 

12 16 May 18:28hrs We were called to discuss the disappearance of 28 yr old female from Plymouth. A search plan was devised with the Police  which resulted in the missing female being found later that evening. No further team involvement 

11 28 Mar 10:48hrs We were called by the Police Control room as they had a call come in from a middle aged man who required assistance to come of the moor. As he wasn’t precisely where he thought he was, the search was escalated after a search of his presumed area resulted with a negative find. He was eventually located by the Police Helicopter, whilst hovering above they guided DSRT Plymouth members to the gent

10 21 Mar 17:00hrs After many telephone calls it was decided to deploy the team into the top end of Plymbridge Woods. We searched various area’s until darkness, as the missing man hadn’t been found the team were stood down whilst the Police continued with other lines of enquiries 

9 20 Mar 19:57hrs We were called by the Police regarding their concerns for a male who had been missing for some time. Our S Managers meet with the Police to devise a search plan and when to implement things with the team. Discussions carried on during the evening and the next morning. No further team involvement 

8 09 Mar 10:10hrs We were called by DSRT Ashurton to assist with a continuation of a search from the previous evening by DSRT Okehampton. The search concentrated on the river Exe so Our water team and resources were deployed

7 08 Mar 10:08hrs We were called by the Police regarding a middle aged male missing possibly in the Burrator vicinity. This was passed to DSRT Tavistock, no further team involvement 

6 03 Mar 10:57hrs We were called by the Police as they had concerns for a 14yr old female who had not been seen for some time. DSRT Ashburton were called to assist with numbers as our S Manager wanted to make the most of the daylight available. As both teams were searching area’s around the outskirts of Ivybridge we were informed the young girl had been located with a friend

5 28 Feb 17:14hrs We were called by the Police as they had concerns for a 28yr old male who had gone missing from his home. Just as arrangements were being made regarding transport etc our S Manager was called by the Police Control room advising us the missing male had turn up in Totnes. No further team involvement 

4 02 Feb 09:12hrs We were by the Police regarding the missing male from earlier in the morning. As more information had come to light both team were deployed to search many area’s around  Burrator. Both teams were stood late in the afternoon whilst the Police carried on with their enquiries 

3 02 Feb 01:50hrs We were called by DSRT Tavistock regarding a missing male possibly around the Burrator area. As there wasn’t a great deal of information a decision was made between both the S Managers, the teams would wait until morning when more information may be available 

2 15 Jan 14:30hrs We were called by DSRT Tavistock to assist with a search  for missing male around Burrator Dam area. Both teams worked together until darkness. The Police were going to continue their work the next day with  Police Divers etc

1 02 Jan 16:15hrs We were called by the Ambulance Service to assist with a casualty on Leather Tor. This was passed to our colleges at DSRT Tavistock as this is their area. As our team weren’t required to assist there was no DSRT Plymouth team involvement