Testimonials from the community

Testimonials from those rescued

“I want to thank the Dartmoor Rescue Group, in particular, all the teams who participated in my rescue on Dartmoor.” On descending Down Tor, Mr Scott’s left foot slipped and hit a rock which broke his ankle. That particular weekend the four Dartmoor rescue teams were assembled at Okehampton Battle camp for a training weekend. All four teams responded to the callout and stretchered Mr Scott to a waiting ambulance. “During the rescue, throughout the waiting and decent, your teams exhibited calmness and professionalism which was of great consolation to me and my wife. Thank you once again.”

Mr Scott (Name changed)

“I write to express my heartfelt thanks for your consummate professionalism and care when finding, and collecting me from the riverbank.” Mr Gregory had tripped, landing on rocks four feet from the main path. “Your team exuded a contagious and splendid mixture of confidence and joie de vivre, so vital when the rescue had suffered both injury and a serious dent to the self – confidence. In short, the pleasure of your jocund company assuredly began my healing process.”

Mr Gregory (Name changed)

“Just a line to say thanks to your team in the search for our daughter on Monday night it was much appreciated”

Mr Carey (Name changed)

We provide first aid cover for large outdoor events…

“I just wanted to say a big thanks to the folk who patched me up at the [race] on Sunday. After taking a tumble I had grazes with mud and these were cleaned up nicely. Thanks for being there.”

Cheers Eric (Name changed)

As well as providing first aid for events we occasionally get invited to provide a stand at a community event

“Thank you so much for your presence on our open day on Saturday. Our clients loved the rescue dogs and I am sure that your presence made people more aware of all the good services you offer.”

Veterinary centre

Dartmoor Search and Rescue also help to locate despondent and venerable people. In this case the search was not successful but appreciation was still shown…

….. “We are also mindful that your volunteers give up their own time and the Dartmoor Rescue Group (DRG) was quite incredible. I am certain in the belief that the family of Mr ……. were reassured by the commitment, hard work, and turnout displayed by the DRG during the searches in which they were involved. I would therefore like to thank you and the DRG members for their effort and time.”

Devon and Cornwall Police